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New video helps aircraft owners increase safety and reduce Annual Inspection costs

MAYNARD, MA, July 27, 2001 — Approach Aviation announced today the release of the second volume in The Educated Owner Video Series: The Annual Inspection. The video, The Annual Inspection, is an entertaining educational tool which teaches viewers how an aircraft owner can manage the maintenance of their aircraft and play a key role in the Annual Inspection process. Whether pilots own or rent, this video is an ideal way to learn about aircraft maintenance, increasing safety and reducing operating costs. The first video of its kind, The Annual Inspection initially details the FAA's rules concerning Annual and 100 Hour inspections. It then proceeds to instruct viewers on preparation for the Annual Inspection, how to choose a maintenance facility, and how owners can take part in the process. The video then follows with a step-by-step overview of the Annual Inspection process and what their rights and responsibilities are concerning the discrepancies found during the inspection.

The Educated Owner Video Series is dedicated to helping aircraft owners and pilots increase safety and reduce the costs associated with aircraft ownership. The series provides valuable information concerning the acquisition, management and maintenance of general aviation aircraft, from an owner's prospective. Volume I: Preventative Maintenance teaches viewers how to perform legal, owner preventative maintenance on general aviation aircraft. Volume III: Introduction to Aircraft Ownership is currently in production and teaches all about purchasing, inspecting and owning an aircraft. Future volumes will continue to address all aspects of aircraft ownership, maintenance and operation.

Retail price for Volume II: The Annual Inspection is $39.95. It can be purchased directly from Approach Aviation on their website at www.ApproachAviation.com, or by phone, toll-free, (877) 564-4457. The video will also be available through select major retailers. Interested retailers should contact Jeff Simon, President, Approach Aviation at (877) 564-4457.

"The Educated Owner Video Series is a valuable resource in the aviation education market," said Jim Melvin, Director of Marketing for Unison Industries. "After watching this video for the first time, most owners and pilots will have a much better understanding of proper aircraft maintenance and management."

Unison Industries is the major sponsor of the video. Unison is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical components, sensors, and systems for aircraft, industrial, marine and space uses. Some of Unison's products for the General Aviation market include: Autolite® Aviation Spark Plugs, Slick Magnetos and Harnesses, LASAR® digital engine control and the SlickSTART™ Magneto Start Booster. Additional information about Unison Industries is available at www.unisonindustries.com. Other sponsors of the video include Lear Chemical Research Corp., Cleveland Wheels and Brakes, Concorde Battery Corp., Aircraft Tool Supply, Jet Aviation and Fletcher Aviation.

Approach Aviation is headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts and is a division of SalesApproach, Inc., a leader in educational services and training. Additional information about Approach Aviation is available online at www.ApproachAviation.com or (877) 564-4457.




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