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New "All-in-One" Tool Kit for Aircraft Owners

MAYNARD, MA, November 8, 2001 — Approach Aviation announced today the release of the first "All-in-One" tool kit for aircraft owners. The tool kit, named The Educated Owner Deluxe Tool Kit, is a comprehensive collection of quality tools and hardware developed specifically for aircraft owners and operators.

The Educated Owner Deluxe Tool Kit includes both general tools and aircraft tools as well as a collection of stainless steel replacement hardware, safety wire and spark plug gaskets. The tools include a complete socket set, combination wrench set, safety wire twisters, aircraft oil filter cutter, aircraft spark plug socket, aircraft spark plug gap setting tool, spark plug feeler gauge, inspection mirror, vise grips, 8-in-1 screwdriver, channel lock pliers, tire pressure gauge, hex wrench set and a flashlight. The tools come packaged in a toolbox with parts organizer and lift-out tray.

"At Approach Aviation, our goal is to make it easy for pilots and aircraft owners to increase safety and reduce their costs. We now provide one stop shopping by offering both our training videos and the new Deluxe Tool KitŠthe only one of its kind in the industry. The Educated Owner Video Series teaches owners how to perform legal owner maintenance and The Educated Owner Deluxe Tool Kit gives them the right tools for the job." said Jeff Simon, President of Approach Aviation.

In addition to The Educated Owner Deluxe Tool Kit, Approach Aviation will be selling individual aircraft tools and preventative maintenance supplies such as spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, gaskets and lubricants.

In April, 2001, Approach Aviation debuted The Educated Owner Video Series, the first video series dedicated to helping aircraft owners and pilots increase safety and reduce the costs associated with aircraft ownership. Volume I: Preventative Maintenance teaches viewers how to perform legal, owner preventative maintenance on general aviation aircraft. Volume II: The Annual Inspection teaches viewers how an aircraft owner can manage the maintenance of their aircraft and play a key role in the Annual Inspection process. Volume III: Introduction to Aircraft Ownership teaches pilots and prospective aircraft owners all about aircraft ownership, including budgeting, selection, inspection, financing, insurance and maintenance. Future volumes will continue to address all aspects of aircraft ownership, maintenance and operation.

Retail price for The Educated Owner Deluxe Tool Kit is $229.95. It can be purchased directly from Approach Aviation on their website at www.ApproachAviation.com, or by phone, toll-free, (877) 564-4457. The video can also be purchased through select major retailers. Interested retailers should contact Jeff Simon, President, Approach Aviation at (877) 564-4457.

Approach Aviation is headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts and is a division of SalesApproach, Inc., a leader in educational services and training. Additional information about Approach Aviation is available online at www.ApproachAviation.com or (877) 564-4457.




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