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New Video Teaches All About Aircraft Ownership

MAYNARD, MA, November 8, 2001 — Approach Aviation announced today the release of the third volume in The Educated Owner Video Series: Introduction to Aircraft Ownership. The video, Introduction to Aircraft Ownership, is an entertaining educational tool that teaches viewers how to select, evaluate, purchase, manage and maintain general aviation aircraft. Whether pilots own or rent, this video is an ideal way to learn about the aircraft ownership experience to increase safety and reduce ownership costs. The third volume in this ground-breaking video series, Introduction to Aircraft Ownership initially details how prospective aircraft owners should evaluate the costs and benefits of aircraft ownership. It then instructs viewers on how to find the right aircraft, conduct the pre-purchase inspection, negotiate a price, manage the sale process and close the deal. The video also contains detailed information on living with your new aircraft, including insurance, financing, storage and important maintenance tips.

"This new video, Introduction to Aircraft Ownership, is a must for anyone who flies. It is the first step in the learning process and teaches viewers critical subjects such as cost evaluation, aircraft maintenance, corrosion management and annual inspections." said Mark Pearson, General Manager for Lear Chemical Research Corp. "This video and the entire Educated Owner Video Series brings a unique and much needed resource to the general aviation market. Lear Chemical Research is proud to be a major sponsor. "

The Educated Owner Video Series is dedicated to helping aircraft owners and pilots increase safety and reduce the costs associated with aircraft ownership. Volume I: Preventative Maintenance teaches viewers how to perform legal, owner preventative maintenance on general aviation aircraft. Volume II: The Annual Inspection teaches viewers how an aircraft owner can manage the maintenance of their aircraft and play a key role in the Annual Inspection process. Future volumes will continue to address all aspects of aircraft ownership, maintenance and operation.

Retail price for Volume III: Introduction to Aircraft Ownership is $39.95 (90 min). It can be purchased directly from Approach Aviation on their website at www.ApproachAviation.com, or by phone, toll-free, (877) 564-4457. The video will also be available through select major retailers. Interested retailers should contact Jeff Simon, President, Approach Aviation at (877) 564-4457.

Lear Chemical Research is the manufacturer of ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula. Other major sponsors include Trade-A-Plane, Aircraft Tool Supply, the Cessna Owner Organization and the Piper Owner Society. Additional information about Unison Industries is available at www.unisonindustries.com. Other sponsors of the video include Lear Chemical Research Corp., Cleveland Wheels and Brakes, Concorde Battery Corp., Aircraft Tool Supply, Jet Aviation and Fletcher Aviation.

Approach Aviation is headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts and is a division of SalesApproach, Inc., a leader in educational services and training. Additional information about Approach Aviation is available online at www.ApproachAviation.com or (877) 564-4457.




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