The Educated Owner
Deluxe Tool Kit

The Educated Owner Video Series
teaches owners how to perform
legal owner maintenance.

The Educated Owner Deluxe Tool Kit
gives them the right tools for the job.

The Educated Owner Deluxe Tool kit includes both general tools and aircraft tools as well as a collection of stainless steel replacement hardware, safety wire and spark plug gaskets. The tools include a complete socket set, combination wrench set, safety wire twisters, aircraft oil filter cutter, aircraft spark plug socket, aircraft spark plug gap setting tool, spark plug feeler gauge, digital multimeter, electrical terminal kit, inspection mirror, vise grips, 8-in-1 screwdriver, channel lock pliers, tire pressure gauge, hex wrench set and a flashlight. The tools come packaged in a toolbox with parts organizer and lift-out tray.
Purchasing these tools separately could cost as much as $380!


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