The Educated Owner Video Series
Complete Set Special Volume I, II and III

All three videos for only $109.95 AND FREE SHIPPING (a $25 value!)
The Educated Owner Video Series teaches all about safe maintenance and how to reduce the cost of owning an aircraft.

Volume I: Preventative Maintenance
is currently out and receiving rave reviews from the press. We detail the FAA regulations concerning what owners can do to maintain their own aircraft and then talk about proper tools and go step-by-step through the most common maintenance tasks. We include, Landing Lights, Engine Inspections, Sparkplug Maintenance, Oil Changes and Tire and Wheel Servicing! The video is approx. 60min. in length.

Volume II: The Annual Inspection covers Federal Aviation Requirements, and takes viewers, step-by-step, through the Annual Inspection process. This video teaches viewers how to manage the aircraft¹s maintenance during the Annual Inspection and on an ongoing basis. Key topics include: The Annual Inspection and the FARs, Selecting a Maintenance Facility, The Inspection Process, Correcting Discrepancies and Aircraft Enhancements. The video is approx. 70min. in length.

Volume III: Introduction to Aircraft Ownership teaches pilots and prospective aircraft owners all about aircraft ownership. This video teaches viewers how to analyze the costs of aircraft ownership and takes viewers, step-by-step, through the selection, pre-purchase and sales transaction for the aircraft. It also includes detailed information on preventative maintenance, annual inspections and tips for living with your new aircraft! The video is approx. 90min. in length.


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