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Vol. I - Preventative Maintenance

Learn All About:

Legal Owner Maintenance
Owner Inspections
Oils, Oil and Filter Changes
Landing Lights
Sparkplug Maintenance
Tire and Wheel Servicing
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Coming in July!
Vol. II - The Annual Inspection

Learn All About:

Annual Inspections and the FARs
Choosing a Shop
Preparing for the Annual Inspection
Owner Assisted Annuals
Dealing with Discrepancies
Aircraft Enhancements
Available this July!

Approach Aviation is currently in production of the exciting new video collection: The Educated Owner. This educational video series is targeted towards general aviation aircraft owners, pilots and enthusiasts. The series provides valuable information concerning the acquisition, management and maintenance of general aviation aircraft, from an owner's prospective.

Many pilots and aircraft owners are unaware of the FAA's rules concerning what maintenance tasks an owner can legally perform and how to safely accomplish those tasks. This video series will educate viewers on these rules, tools, supplies and techniques to perform some of the more common types of owner maintenance.

Whether or not owners choose to do their own work, this video will help viewers learn more about how their aircraft operate. It helps take the mystery out of aircraft maintenance and it increases safety by helping the pilot play an integral role in keeping the aircraft airworthy.

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