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Alternator Coupling Tools - Product Image
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Alternator Coupling Tools

Approach Aviation’s new Alternator Coupling Tools are purpose-built to make it easy for mechanics to inspect this critical component and simplify coupling installation and removal.  The tool kit consists of a zinc-coated coupling spanner wrench and unique coupling gear socket with steel housing and aluminum gear engagement, designed to protect the steel coupling gear from damage during maintenance.  Together, these tools allow the coupling to be held in place (mounted on the alternator or free-standing) while the coupling gear slippage is checked with a calibrated 3/8” torque wrench (as specified in the engine maintenance manual).  (torque wrench and alternator drive coupling not included)

Sale Price: $169.95 Regular Price: $199.95  
You Save: $30.00

Aircraft Spark Plug Gapping Tool - Product Image

Aircraft Spark Plug Gapping Tool

Check and re-gap your plugs every 50 hours! Works with all massive electrode aircraft spark plugs and eliminates guessing of plug gap. Works with 18mm plugs.
Price: $12.95 

Aircraft Spark Plug Anti-Seize - Thread Lubricant - Product Image

Aircraft Spark Plug Anti-Seize - Thread Lubricant

This lubricant is a MUST for proper spark plug installation and torque setting!

At only $8.25, why wouldn't you use the proper anti-seize?

Price: $8.25 

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